I’m Chalet but call me by my moniker: DjDon’tTouchTheTrim or Djdt3. Thank you, for gracing the site with your presence. I am the founder and CEO of That’s Stanky Productions. I created That’s Stanky Productions from the soil up in 2013.

What is That’s Stanky Productions? What an insightful question. Thank you, dearly for asking delightful visitor. That’s Stanky Productions is a black-owned production company that specializes in producing black art, black animation, black graphic novels/comics, and black coloring books.

That’s Stanky Productions believe that more black representation is needed in media and we intend to deliver that representation. There are black stories that have to be told and it is our mission to tell them. We are currently working on several new coloring books, graphic novels, and comic titles.

I can also consult on any graphic design requirements that you may have.

If you have any inquires contact me via Facebook or click the contact page above.

Thank you for visiting our Stanky website. We hope you will soon become a member of the Stank Nation.

With Great Expectations,


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